Multimedia Production


Irony Video - This video was created to aide in teaching the literary element of irony.  Video, images, and audio were put together to introduce 8th grade students to the three types of irony, as well as to allow them to identify the different types in a fun activity.  What students learn in this video will aide them in identifying irony in literature such as The Tell-Tale Heart by Edgar Allan Poe.

Fireworks pictures - These pictures were edited for color, sharpness, and quality.  They were cropped to focus on the subject and edited for size in order to promote speedy downloading.

Flash - Holly Renken - This is a flash program created to animate my name.  The first and last name move, spin, and fade out in this animation.

Inspiration Web - Civil War - This diagram was created to help students identify different parts of the Civil War.  Students can see different events that led to the Civil War, the two sides of the war including leaders, and advantages and disadvantages of each side, as well as the most important battles fought in the Civil War.  This diagram will help students visually organize the large assortment of complex information they gain throughout the unit on the Civil War.

Microsoft Visio Web - Rock Cycle/Types of Rocks - This diagram and flow chart was created to help 8th grade Earth Science students understand the rock cycle, as well as identify different types of rocks.  Understanding each type of rock and how it is created is a large part of the curriculum in the 8th grade science class.

Camtasia - Middle School Online Library Catalogue Search - This project was created to help readers at  Madison Middle School use the online catalogue that is provided to search for books that they might be interested in reading.  It gives a step-by-step tutorial for following how to search the online catalogue for their school, as well as for other libraries in town.  Since each student is responsible for reading at least six novels of their own choosing throughout the year, this tutorial will get them started in finding books of their choice.