Reading Quizzes

Unit 1

Thrills and Chills

Unit 9

Unit 5

Raymond's Run

The Tell-Tale Heart

Zoos: Myth and Reality / Zoos Connect Us to the Natural World

Simile: Willow and Ginkgo/Introduction to Poetry

The Ransom of Red Chief

The Monkey's Paw

Position on Dodgeball in Physical Education/ The Weak Shall Inherit the Gym

Macavity:  The Mystery Cat/Vermin

Clean Sweep

The Hitchhiker

The Sanctuary of School


My First Free Summer













Raymond’s Run Quiz Practice

What does Squeaky say is her special talent?

What part of the plot increases tension between Squeaky and Gretchen?

Why do you think Squeaky wants to be called Hazel before the race ?

How does Squeaky feel when she sees Raymond running?

At the end of the story, Squeaky feels ________________________.

















The Ransom of Red Chief Quiz Practice

Why do Sam and Bill decide to kidnap a child? 

What leads you to predict that Bill will want to return the boy early?

Why does a conflict arise between Sam and Bill?

Why does the boy stay with the men in the cave?

What does the boy do that tells you that he is upset about going home?

What is a ransom?











Clean Sweep Practice Quiz

Why do the narrator and her mother go to different homes?

What is the external conflict the narrator experiences with school and her job?

Which words tell you the sequence of Benjamin’s actions?

“Then he gets dizzy and has to sit down; lying down comes moments later after his face gets a little pale”

Why does the narrator think that Mrs. Leonardo is mean?

What prompts Mrs. Leonardo to think of her sister?












My First Free Summer

Why did Alvarez attend summer school?

What problem did the Dominicans have?

Why was Alvarez unable to play with her cousins and friends during her summer without school?

Which detail lets you know what Alvarez and her family were in danger?

According to her memoir, when did Alvarez finally understand that her family had to leave their country to be safe?










The Tell-Tale Heart

What does the narrator say that madness has done to him?

What are some examples of where it is difficult to believe the narrator?

The author creates suspense by describing the sound of the old man’s heartbeat as what sound?

How can you tell the narrator is overconfident after killing the old man?

Why is the narrator upset with the police at the end of the story?










The Monkey's Paw

What are Mr. White and Herbert doing when the Sergeant-Major arrives at the White’s house?

How can you tell that Morris thinks that the monkey’s paw is dangerous?

Which phrase in this excerpt hints at a light mood?

“a solemn face”
“marred by a wink”
“struck a few”
“impressive chords”

What detail first helps you predict that Morris’s story about the monkey’s paw may be true?

Why does Mr. White refuse to help his wife open the front door?













The Hitchhiker

What does Adams do at the beginning of the story to show he is sane?

What does the music in note in the following lines indicate?

Adams…. This may be the last thing I ever tell on earth….the last night I ever see the stars….(music in)
Adams. Six days ago I left Brooklyn, to drive to California…..

What does Adams mother say to foreshadow the appearance of the hitchhiker?

Why does Adams pick up the girl hitchhiker?

What does Adams learn from Mrs. Whitney?









What does the author of “Zoos: Myth and Reality” believe that animals in cages at zoos teach the public?

Distinguish fact and opinion in “Zoos: Myth and Reality.” The statement that polar bear exhibits look like “a Flintstones movie set” is an example of what?

What claim does the author of “Zoos: Myth and Reality” make in his argument about roadside zoos?

What does the author of “Zoos Connect Us to the Natural World” think zoos do for people who live in cities?

What do the authors of these two articles agree on?










Position on Dodgeball in Physical Education/The Weak Shall Inherit the Gym

What is the NASPE’s position on today’s children in “Position on Dodgeball in Physical Education”?

Why does the NASPE in “Position on Dodgeball in Physical Education” dislikes dodgeball?

Why does the author of “The Weak Shall Inherit the Gym” thinks the United States is “going softer?”

What tone does the author use in “The Weak Shall Inherit the Gym” to persuade you when he calls anti-dodgeball people “whiners”?

Unlike the NASPE’s serious persuasive tone, the author of “TheWeak Shall Inherit the Gym” uses a humorous tone by making the emotional appeal about what?











The Sanctuary of School

Why does the author and her brother like to sleep on the couch?

How does the author feel when she wakes up on the morning she sneaks out?

What details make the author's school seem beautiful and unique?

What does everyone in the school have the chance to do sometimes?

How does the author show her purpose by telling the details of her happiness while drawing?

Why does the author repeatedly draw the pretty house with blue sky and flowers?











Simile: Willow and Ginkgo/Introduction to Poetry

What do lines 1-4 of "Simile: Willow and Ginkgo" reveal?

What sense do lines 5-8 appeal to in "Simile:  Willow and Ginkgo"?

Why do you think the poet includes a stanza break after line 12 in "Simile: Willow and Ginkgo"?

How does the author use feminine ideas to help you visualize a willow in "Simile:  Willow and Ginkgo"?

What do lines 17-20 emphasize in "Simile: Willow and Ginkgo"?

What does the speaker do in lines 1-4 of "Introduction to Poetry"?

What does the poet compare to a poem in the metaphor in lines 9-11 of "Introduction to Poetry"?

Why do you think the poet includes a stanza break after line 12 of "Introduction to Poetry"?

Which excerpt from "Introduction to Poetry" most helps you visualize the way "they" read poetry?

The speakers in both poems discuss something they ____________.

How does the speaker emphasize the enjoyment of poetry in lines 9-11 of "Introduction to Poetry"?








Macavity:  The Mystery Cat/Vermin

In "Macavity: The Mystery Cat," how many couplets make up the second stanza in lines 5-10?

How does line 14 describe the cat in "Macavity: The Mystery Cat"?

What human characteristics does Macavity have, according to the figurative language in lines 21-22 of "Macavity: The Mystery Cat"?

How does the mouse in "Vermin" continue to escape the speaker?

How is the  mouse in "Vermin" like the cat in "Macavity: The Mystery Cat"?

In "Vermin," what types of bait does the speaker wish he or she had?

What is one reason that the speaker in "Vermin" appears hopeless?

What evidence does the speaker provide in "Macavity: The Mystery Cat" that shows how clever the cat is?